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Posted by SEALPAC UK on Sep 30, 2019 11:49:41 AM


In our regular Spotlight series, we’ve been taking a closer look at some of our specialist technology partners and how they support us to provide full production line capabilities.

But with our own industry leading SEALPAC machinery sitting at the heart of the production line, we thought it was about time we turned the spotlight on ourselves!

Here we reveal all about how we are helping manufacturers future-proof against changeable market conditions, as well as the innovative solutions that are helping customers overcome key industry challenges.

Why are SEALPAC’s thermoformers and traysealers different?

SEALPAC machinery benefits from advanced German engineering to create a range of traysealers and thermoformers in the UK.

What sets SEALPAC machines apart is the ability for a single machine to handle an endless variety of packaging, with just a simple change of tooling. For manufacturers, this makes purchasing a SEALPAC machine a very cost-effective option as once the machine is in place, the production line is effectively future-proofed for decades to come - no matter what changes to market conditions or consumer preferences.

The machines are compatible with a broad range of complete line solutions and are capable of being configured in a multitude of ways. To change food packaging styles and formats simply requires a minimal purchase of the appropriate tool, and switching the tooling only takes around 10 minutes to complete.Thus, a SEALPAC machine is very cost-efficient and leads to reduction in labour times.

Up to 75% plastic reduction

Plastic reduction remains a top concern for the food and drink industry. The ability to separate individual packaging components, along with the use of sustainable cardboard, the removal of all unnecessary plastic and the use of recyclable plastics is driving innovation in this area.

Here are some of the ways SEALPAC is supporting customers with plastic reduction:

  • FlatSkin® - an award-winning sustainable solution, which uses 75% less plastic than standard food packaging whilst also ensuring that the product remains in its optimum condition.
  • Mono plastic - SEALPAC traysealers and thermoformers are perfectly designed to handle mono-PET packaging solutions. Mono-PET trays are 100% recyclable at the end of their service life and can be placed in everyday household recycling.

SEALPAC UK provides end-to-end solutions

As well as benefiting from advanced German engineering, SEALPAC UK customers are provided with a complete end-to-end solution. There is no need to be sourcing and liaising with multiple different suppliers and project managing the installation.

We can provide an inclusive comprehensive training and after sales service contract. With your highly trained staff using machinery they can rely on, you can ensure that your production line is always running at its optimal efficiency. Through our service contracts, SEALPAC engineers work with your employees to prevent problems before they arise.

The relationships SEALPAC UK holds with specialist technology partners is the final piece in the puzzle, providing full production line capabilities, with the latest in weighing, sorting, packaging and inspection solutions. This type of full line solution from one supplier is increasingly popular as it solves key industry challenges, such as labour shortages and efficiency. Find out more about our partners here.

Key benefits of working with SEALPAC UK include:

  • 'One stop' shop for a complete line solution
  • Full project management through installation process
  • SEALPAC machinery is the gold standard of German engineering
  • Highly flexible machines with endless configuration and application possibilities
  • One SEALPAC machine and the appropriate tooling is all you need
  • Tooling can easily be switched in around 10 minutes
  • Comprehensive ongoing training for employees
  • Preventative and proactive maintenance that helps minimise potential downtime

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