Sealpac UK Sales Director and Technical Manager to Climb Ben Nevis in Aid of Hospital Charity

Posted by SEALPAC UK on May 5, 2021 11:54:14 AM

Our very own Kevin Jones and John Lennon will be trekking up Ben Nevis on 19th June 2021 to raise money for the Bournemouth Hospital Charity 'Walkerbot' appeal. The Walkerbot is an incredible piece of robotics equipment that will benefit stroke and neuro patients in their recovery.


The Walkerbot uses a harness suspended above a treadmill and robotic limbs to move the patient’s legs in a consistent pattern. A computer controls the pace of walking and measures and adapts to the body’s response to movement. A therapist stands by to instruct the patient and analyse how they are walking, whilst interactive games and feedback help with motivation.

The appeal is calling for £365,000 of funds invest in Walkerbot technology to help the 720+ people who are admitted to Bournemouth hospital each year with stroke - 75% of whom have lower limb weakness.


“Training has commenced with some of the steepest hills in Dorset. It is certainly helping to shift the lockdown lbs as well as building up the stamina required to complete the challenge. So please dig deep and help raise money for the amazing local charity that we are sure is close to all of our hearts. Thank you for your support.”

- Kevin Jones & John Lennon

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