Sealpac UK & Partners: Established Spares and service provider for Cabinplant in the UK & Ireland

Cabinplant multihead weigher
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Since our founding in 1996, we have expanded our capabilities to include a range of automated solutions, from weighing and packing equipment, and initial inspection machinery to final end-of-line solutions. Our goal is to be the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all our customer’s needs, providing support from one place for multiple machine types for a hassle-free experience.

Our partnership with Cabinplant is key to achieving this goal, as weighing and processing solutions are an integral part of production line efficiency, as well as an important part of our offering as a full-line solutions provider.

Cabinplant’s strengths as a multi-product automated solutions provider has enabled us to target the market for multihead weighing with Cabinplant for a key area of focus in the UK and Ireland. The current labour shortage in the UK food industry as a result of Brexit and the pandemic represents a big opportunity, as lots of companies will be looking to invest in automation to reduce the number of floor workers required. Automating the weighing and packing process with a Cabinplant solution has lots of benefits, including reducing giveaway and boosting productivity.

A big part of the company ethos at Sealpac UK & Partners is taking pride in offering a highly personal service with exceptional technical knowledge. From one-off repairs to comprehensive service contracts for your machinery and equipment, our highly professional service engineers provide rapid support and maintenance to customers across the nation.

‘This is the right thing for our customers in the UK and we’re excited to be offering our customers the high levels of support they’ve been accustomed to working with Sealpac UK,’ says Technical Manager, John Lennon.

‘Our engineering team have had the required in depth training at our manufacturing plant in Denmark and are already adding significant value to the process here in the UK. I have no doubt our customers will welcome this announcement and see increased uptime on their equipment.’  

We also carry a large range of parts in stock, with the guarantee that each spare part will be delivered and fitted quickly and accurately. We have recently added a wide variety of Cabinplant spare parts to our existing stock to continue to support our customers throughout the UK & Ireland. Thanks to our modern and efficient spare parts management, spares orders can be shipped on the same day to help our customers reach their targets with minimal disruption to production.

Sealpac UK & Partners will be responsible for all spares and service requests for the Cabinplant range of equipment for the UK and Ireland markets with immediate effect and will be happy to discuss all of your requirements. Over the coming weeks our representatives will be making contact with all of our existing customers to inform them of this positive step in offering world class support.


About Sealpac UK & Partners: We’re here to make a tangible difference for people who make food – by bringing expertise in automation, material and understanding the future of consumer retail market to support sustainability efforts. Celebrating 25 years in business.

About Cabinplant: Specialising in the handling of fragile, wet and sticky materials at speed, they are also the inventors of the screw-feeding principle enabling the meat, poultry, seafood, vegetable, and ready meal industries to achieve higher weighing accuracy and reduce giveaway costs.