Sealpac UK & Partners a distributor for World-Class Carsoe A/S

Posted by SEALPAC UK on Feb 9, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Sealpac UK & Partners are now a UK and Ireland distributor for Carsoe A/S. Their machines and products enhance our ability to provide full line solutions with a focus on automation.

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Carsoe A/S is a leading manufacturer and distributor of equipment and solutions for the seafood, liquid and food processing industries. They have designed and produced stainless steel products for the food processing industry and retail business since 1976.

We can also provide spares and engineering support for all existing Carsoe A/S machines – meaning companies can avoid the costly and time-consuming process of importing spares under new Brexit regulations.

Current Carsoe customer in the UK or Ireland? Register your details with us so we can provide quick and easy access to spare parts or engineering support when you need it.

Register with us for spares and engineering support

“More and more food companies are turning to Sealpac UK & Partners because we have the engineering expertise to design and install customized line solutions. Our advice makes sure you are selecting the perfect machine for the job to cope with today and tomorrow’s intense demands.”

- Kevin Witheford, Managing Director


We are committed toward sustainability. As experts in packaging, we know that reducing plastic means creating a thinner package. The thinner the packaging, the harder machines need to work. Today, a line solution needs to be 100% accurate and precise with each cycle to adhere to regulations and produce a clean, elegant package each and every time.


“Our partnership with Carsoe A/S is one more step to being your one stop shop for either a one-off machine built to your requirements or a full-line solution designed for your factory floor.”

- Kevin Jones, Sales Director


Benefits of working with us

  • Need Carsoe A/S Spares? Contact us to order spares, we have regular stock on offer, and can eliminate the hassle of ordering after Brexit
  • We can easily source Carsoe A/S machines, even under new Brexit regulations


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We’re here to make a tangible difference for people who make food – by bringing expertise in automation, material and understanding the future of consumer retail market to support sustainability efforts. We're currently celebrating 25 years in business.

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