Rise of the British BBQ

Posted by Summer Bramall on Nov 12, 2020 2:49:07 PM

2020 has been far from predictable, and but 2021 is looking a little more hopeful. In the very least, we can be certain that many UK residents will opt for a staycation this summer, and by extension, that the food industry is likely to experience high demand for BBQ products during this period.

Aerial view of family BBQ


The British BBQ boom

This summer saw a huge increase in the number of UK households buying BBQ products. Since the UK Government eased restrictions on socialising after the hottest and driest May since 1896, many people decided this was the prime time to host a BBQ.

BBQ veg and meat skewers

The popularity of BBQs caused a dramatic increase in sales for meat, fish and poultry products during the second and third quarters this year. During this time, sales of fresh meat and poultry saw a year on year increase of 23.6%, and sales of sliced meats grew by 5.8%.


More time for mealtimes

The first national lockdown gave people more time to prepare meals, and due to limited availability of leisure activities, enjoying a meal together became the highlight of the day for many.

The raw meat and fish sector experienced major growth, while cooked and sliced meats, (while still popular) saw dampened growth. People stopped buying quick, convenience foods for lunch, and instead started to cook more from scratch.Close up of chicken drumsticks and corn on the cob

Seventeen million more sales of meat, fish and poultry products were recorded during 2020 than 2019, due to great weather and lockdown restrictions. An estimated 10 million BBQs held throughout UK during Easter, and if we experience another good summer, 2021 could hold similar growth for the meat, fish and poultry sectors.


An expanding menu

Due to supply chain challenges, a number of trade organisations were encouraging consumers to branch out and try different cuts of meat when their favourites were unavailable. Steak and roasting joints were popular alternatives to beef burgers.

Steak on the BBQ


Be ready for next year

Missed out on the BBQ boom in 2020? Make sure you’re ready for 2021!

Automated skewering

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MiVEG beech BBQ skewers

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Bespoke packaging design

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