How to load the film on a SEALPAC A10 Traysealer

How to load the film on a SEALPAC A10 Traysealer Video Tutorial
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Knowing the ins and outs of your machine is key to maximizing efficiency and ensuring smooth operation around the clock. We've made a series of training demonstration videos which are great for beginners or to refer back to for quick refresher.

This video shows you how to load a new roll of film on a SEALPAC Traysealer step-by-step.

Demo machine: SEALPAC A10 Traysealer


Guide: How to load film into a Sealpac A10 Traysealer

Tip: By clicking the "Film Path" button on the operation screen, you are able to see the path the film takes through your machine.

  1. On the operation page, press "on" under "Film change Reel 1". This will release the film arm

  2.  Load the new film onto the arm. Ensure the film is reeling in the direction of the sealing station

  3. Pull the film buffer rollers to the end of the printing table

  4. Pull the film through behind the buffer arm rollers and over the table

  5. Open the infeed guard to allow access to the film drive rollers

  6. Pull the film down towards the film drive rollers

  7. On the operation screen, press "on" under  “Open film transport unit (film puts in) - this will open the drive rollers pneumatically

  8. Pull film between the drive rollers into the sealing station

  9. Open the sealing station door and pull the film through the tool

  10. Feed the film under the blue roller, over and under all four outfeed rollers

  11. Wrap the film anti-clockwise around the rest film arm

  12. Close the sealing station door and the infeed guard

  13. Lock the film drive rollers by pressing “off” under “Open film transport unit” on the operation screen

  14. Lock the film arm by selecting “off” under “Film change Reel 1”

  15. On the operation screen, press “start” under the “film transport” button

  16. Drive the film on several times until the film is evenly spread within the sealing station and outfeed rollers


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