VDL Packaging, specialised in vertical form, fill, and seal (VFFS) machines. With VDL’s experience in VFFS machinery and technology, since 1935, VDL has created robust machinery for optimal reliability.

Powered by innovation, coupled with the ability to rise to technological challenges through listening carefully to customers, VDL delivers reliable systems and solutions ensuring their customers stay one step ahead in their packaging concepts.

These traits have led to phenomenal success with many customers, including smaller companies, start up businesses on a tight budget, up to large multinational global organisations.


Features & Benefits

Specialists in vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machines, innovative UVA bagger machinery from VDL will help your company be ready to achieve maximum results with multiple bag styles to fit yours needs.

Our combined experience and knowledge in all sectors, along with our innovative strength results in the best packaging solution for your market and customers.

  • Fresh food
  • Frozen food
  • Pet food
  • Snacks
  • Cereals
  • Coffee
  • Confectionary
  • Liquids
  • Detergents
VDLLima 250 Paper-2 (1)

Machine range - Continuous motion

UVA Dynamic Hydro

  • Continuous motion bagger
  • Up to 150 bags per minute
  • IP66 Washdown

UVA Dynamic Pure

  • Continuous motion bagger
  • Up to 150 bags per minute
  • IP55 Hygienic machine

UVA Lima

  • Continuous motion bagger
  • Up to 200 bags per minute
  • Up to 7 different bag styles

UVA Twinner

  • Continuous motion bagger
  • Up to 400 bags per minute
  • Up to 7 different bag styles
  • Two UVA Lima machines in one frame resulting in a smaller footprint
VDLNewton 400 ADU 2.33-1

Machine range - Intermittent motion

UVA Essential

  • Intermittent motion bagger
  • Up to 120 bags per minute
  • Entry model

UVA InMotion 500

  • Intermittent motion bagger
  • 12-40 bags per minute
  • 4 corner seal bags up to 1200mm

UVA Newton TX

  • Intermittent motion bagger
  • Up to 100 bags per minute
  • Up to 10 different bag styles

UVA Newton

  • Intermittent motion bagger
  • Up to 120 bags per minute
  • Up to 7 different bag styles


  • IFilm wrapping machine
  • Up to 160 cycles per minute
  • Single product packaging

Types of Packaging

To further enhance the solutions, we integrate with all types of weighing, filling and depositing systems along with handling equipment to get product in and out of the bagging machines. The complete system can be built and tested before it leaves our factory for your factory offering the benefit of a proven system with ready trained staff. 


World-class after sales support

Increase your OEE and ensure success with routine maintenance, easy access to spare parts, and a range of one-off engineering support services.

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