Optical Inspection OI2

Ever increasing automation in the packaging sector has led to a bigger need for visual product control to mitigate the risk of unsafe or contaminated products. Process automation and the shortage of labour means less people to check products through a manual process.  This flexible image processing system can be integrated into any automated line solution to ensure quality. State-of-the-art camera systems are used to ensure reliable optical inspection. Depending on the application, all retail-specific tasks for the visual inspection of hard and soft film products can be solved during secondary packaging. Compared to manual re-sorting, fully automatic quality control guarantees a 100% visual inspection.

Features & Benefits

  • Conveyor belt for double-sided inspection of piece goods
  • Low-noise and low-maintenance PU belts and wear-free brushless DC motors
  • Stainless steel frame including ejection container
  • Seed ​​range adjustable from 0-70m/min
  • Intuitive operation via 15" TFT touchscreen including user and job management
  • Network interface and software for remote maintenance, supervision and control
  • HACCP, IFS-compliant logging
  • Pattern recognition, measurement, position control, completeness control
  • Verification - barcode, data matrix
  • OCV and/or pressure control e.g. for best before dates or batch labelling

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