Metal Detectors

Whether for protecting machines or product and quality control, Pulsotronic metal detectors sense metallic contaminants with precision and reliability. All types of metal and metal inclusions are detected. Combined with powerful electronics and modern product-effect filtering, these many different devices can be used across all applications.


Tunnel detectors are perfect for for reliable metal inspection on conveyor belts and slides. With high sensitivity magnets the levels of detection are high on these hygienic, stainless steel housed machines with low maintenance requirements. Many different detector sizes are available for easy integration into your existing systems.


Flat detectors are very easily integrated in conveyor belts, since they can be installed flush. Available in models with various resolutions and widths they are all fully encapsulated in extremely stable, water-tight metal housing, ensuring a robust machine with no metal-free zones necessary.

Freefall seperators

Seperators are designed to be used under tough conditions with wear-resistant, antistatic product pipes which come in many different aperture sizes. The robust, patented pneumatic ejector mechanism is also available as special high-temperature designs.

Pipes and filling machines

Metal detectors for pipes are suitable for all fluids and highly viscous products and are compatible with all common fillers. Various ejector valves are available, and all components are of a hygienic design with easy dismantling for cleaning and CIP (Clean-In-Process) function.

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