Checkweigher CW3

Conveyor belt scales - so-called checkweighers - are among the most important control devices in the final packaging inspection of food. They offer the advantage of 100% inspection of all packages without a time-consuming manual sample check and the control trolleys enable quality assurance at the highest level. The robust and maintenance-free strain gauge load cell, combined with wear-free brushless DC motors, allows continuous, minimal downtimes and a long service life. All checkweighers are also available with type approval, meaning individual products can be checked for their specific weight and underweight packages can be removed.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for general cargo (e.g. self-service packaging)
  • Weighing range 25-1,500g
  • Max. 300 products/minute (depending on product size, weight and conveying speed)
  • Display accuracy up to 100mg
  • Calibration value 1.0g
  • Conveying speed 20-90m/min (continuously adjustable)
  • Degree of protection IP65
  • 10" TFT touchscreen
  • Integrated memory for 10,000 messages and 10,000 products
  • Multi-level user management
  • Network interface (Ethernet) for statistical data evaluation with software UNIControl
  • Belt width: 200mm/weighing belt length: 300-400mm
  • Up to 2 safes for separate removal of underweight and overweight packages

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