Confectionery & Nuts

Confectionery & Nuts

When it comes to confectionery, attractive packaging is the key to success. Whether it’s chocolate, biscuits, ice-cream or nuts – they have to stand out from the crowd in an often saturated market.

Consumers tastes are more sophisticated and refined than ever. Products visual appeal is often expected to match this level of quality and at Sealpac UK we can provide unique packaging that not only matches expectations but exceeds them.

As nuts are highly sensitive products, sealing quality is of the highest importance, regardless of the packaging format.

At Sealpac UK we have the innovative packaging systems you need to increase efficiency, cut costs and deliver confectionery that stays safe, looks and tastes great every time.


Our Solutions for Confectionery Producers


Tray Sealers

SEALPAC offers maximum tray-sealing versatility for all types of freshly packed food products.

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Labelling systems are used to apply pre-printed labels on the packaging in the thermoforming packaging machines.

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Groundbreaking in the field of visual inspection, Viewtech develops solutions to automate the quality control procedures, offering stand-alone systems based on the vision inspection.

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ELS are a specialist manufacturer of labelling machines and offer our prospective and existing customers the complete product range, labelling systems, automatic labellers, labelling machines and coding systems.

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