Sealpac UK Bakery Sector


Bread, pastries and pre-baked goods are the backbone of the packaged-food industry. But freshness and quality must be maintained or your reputation will suffer.

Today there are so many different products and packaging formats. And even highly sensitive products must be packaged quickly, securely and precisely.

At Sealpac we have the experience and technical expertise to design the right solution for your changing needs.

Our Solutions for Bakery Producers


Tray Sealers

SEALPAC offers maximum tray-sealing versatility for all types of freshly packed food products.

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Labelling systems are used to apply pre-printed labels on the packaging in the thermoforming packaging machines.

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Groundbreaking in the field of visual inspection, Viewtech develops solutions to automate the quality control procedures, offering stand-alone systems based on the vision inspection.

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ELS are a specialist manufacturer of labelling machines and offer our prospective and existing customers the complete product range, labelling systems, automatic labellers, labelling machines and coding systems.

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