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Busch supplies solutions and service for vacuum pumps and overpressure applications worldwide. A manufacturer of vacuum pumps and systems, the company policy has always been customer orientated, supplying high quality and competitively priced vacuum pump products, as well as excellent technical support and service backup.



Solutions for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) / Increase the shelf life of your MAP packaged food.

With increased demands for traceability from industry regulators, new requests from supermarkets for leak-detection certificates, higher environmental fees for waste disposal, you need to be working with a strong and reputable supplier of your MAP quality assurance equipment.

Dansensor are focused on helping food producers using Modified Atmosphere Packaging to find better ways to deliver quality control and quality assurance issues of MAP packaged food products. They offer innovative ways to ensure product quality, cut raw material costs, reduce packaging waste and meet traceability requirements and with their more advanced automatic systems, reduce labour costs and mistakes.

Dansensor has 25 years of experience in developing and producing gas analysers, gas mixers, gas flushing systems and leak detectors.



Since 1984 DTE have been a producer of cooling, heating and tempering machines for industrial machine manufacturers; an all-round company that builds cooling units from 1 to 2000 kW for all possible applications.

DTE, with branches in the Netherlands, Indonesia and Denmark has a strong team of motivated employees, who together strive to convert all customer requirements into a technically sound solution.

The perfect match for maintaining the maximum performance from your traysealer and sealing tools. From standalone water chillers through to central closed loop systems.



ELS are a specialist manufacturer of labelling machines and offer our prospective and existing customers the complete product range, labelling systems, automatic labellers, labelling machines and coding systems. In the area of labelling technology we produce customised labelling equipment, semi-automatic labelling systems as well as coding systems. Virtually all products can be labelled with our automatic labellers or labelling equipment.



There are not many skewering systems / kebab machines that has recognised the trend of the time on the basis of their variety. Of such machines that are fastly and reliably processing wooden skewers to different skewered products as kebab skewers, fruit skewers, vegetables skewers, cheese skewers or meat skewers, there is just one, the MiVEG KW-2001.



Groundbreaking in the field of visual inspection, Viewtech develops solutions to automate the quality control procedures, offering stand-alone systems based on the vision inspection.

Since its establishment in 2002, Viewtech works to provide the most advanced vision technologies to apply to the food industry. Viewtech's solutions are acknowledged worldwide and offer 100% automated inspection with reliability and repeatability of controls, checking every aspect of the packaging, from labels and printed information through to barcodes and seal integrity.

Viewtech have developed and refined the systems through experience gained working in European and North American markets to comply with the highest quality control demands in the food industry.

Until now, the human operator has always been in charge of the quality control. This leads to poor reliability and high costs and inevitable consistency issues in the control results.

All Viewtech systems perform repeatable and certifiable controls on food packages, resulting in maintaining quality standards, brand protection and customer safety.

High resolution images and high speed processing make the inspection traceable, precise, detailed and immediate, bringing Viewtech to the frontline of the quality control.