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eTray® is a new packaging system that will make a positive sustainable difference in the modified atmosphere packaging segment. The high-quality cardboard base, which can be fully printed on the inside and outside (hence allowing for attractive designs and offering plenty of space for communication), has a plastic inner layer that purely provides the sealing and barrier function.

eTray® is supplied as a pre-fabricated tray. Owing to a highly stable sealing edge, the tray is reliably sealed under MAP to ensure the safest packaging process. It is suitable for denesting and allows for smooth transport across the packaging line. Compared to common trays on the market, up to 40% less plastic will be used, depending on shape and size.

The eTray® system offers fresh products such as minced meat, seafood, poultry and convenience foods optimal protection whilst ensuring an eye-catching appearance at retail. After use, the cardboard carrier and plastic inlay are easily separated to allow for sustainable disposal and recycling. e issues facing the packaging sector today. Here are some of our latest packaging innovations:


  • Up to 40% reduction in plastic
  • MAP with 100% process security
  • Significant increase in communication potential
  • More sustainable and striking look at retail


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