In the food industry, performance is everything. If your production lines are down, there’s a problem with a machine or quality is being compromised by your equipment, it doesn’t just cost you money – it can cost you your reputation too.

At Sealpac we won’t let you down. From one-off repairs to comprehensive service contracts for your machinery and equipment, our team of highly professional service engineers provide rapid support and maintenance all day, every day.

Our services and specialist support include breakdown repair and one-off service visits; installation, relocation and decommissioning, and reconditioning and retrofits. We carry out machine inspection and reports, offer cost-effective service and maintenance contracts, and can provide on-going cover or support staff.

Our services and specialist support include: 

  • Breakdown repair and one-off service visits
  • Installation, relocation and decommissioning
  • Reconditioning and retrofits
  • Machine inspection and reports
  • Service and maintenance contracts
  • On-going cover/support staff