Carsoe Portion-2-Pack Complement SEALPAC Traysealers

Posted by Summer Bramall on Feb 23, 2021 2:03:03 PM

Our new partner, Carsoe A/S offer a range of Portion-2-Pack systems which automatically fill trays and deliver them to the traysealer further down the line. Carsoe Portion-2-Pack technology ensures accurate portioning with exceptional labour savings.

See how Carsoe Portion-2-Pack works with a SEALPAC A6 Traysealer:

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Carsoe's Portion-2-Pack machines auto-loading minced meat portions into trays at high speeds. These minced meat packs are then fully packaged with a SEALPAC A6 Traysealer.


Carsoe Portion-2-Pack

Carsoe's Portion-2-Pack product range offers outputs of 60-135 trays per minute, depending on the model. All tray types are compatible with these machines, regardless of material, size or shape. Carsoe make their solutions bespoke to fit all specifications and product types.


SEALPAC Traysealers

SEALPAC A6 traysealers support a wide variety of different pack types, and allow for quick and easy tool changes that with no hand tools required.

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