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Sapphire - X-Ray Inspection

Seeing The Unseen

Sapphire are World leaders and innovators in X-Ray inspection systems, developing technology to accurately detect unwanted contamination in food products during processing prior to retail distribution.

Key features:

  • Real time Analysis of Product on Packaging Lines

The system displays each product inspected to confirm product integrity and indicate the location of the detected contaminants.

  • Monitoring of Product and Package Attributes

Real time inspection of products to confirm count, mass, fill level and detect broken or damaged products and other reject conditions.

  • Detection and Elimination of Foreign Bodies

Including metal, stone, glass, bone and certain plastics.

  • Multiple Configurations

For inspection of any product format fresh or frozen: trays, pouches, cases, bottles, cans, pumped and loose product

  • Designed for Food Industry Standards

To comply with Vendor Certification programs and satisfy HACCP requirements, Sapphire inspection systems are available with a certified statistical process control package for automatic data collection. The system may be attached to Wireless or Ethernet networks for data collection, access to stored images, quality checkmonitoring and production scheduling.

  • Wash-Down and Easy Maintenance Design

The stainless steel cabinet is designed for wash-down environments. This system has been created to easily fit into existing conveyor systems, and the quick release belt allows simple dismantling and cleaning. It is available in sealing standards from IP65 and NEMA4 up to IP69 and PW12.



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