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Any Material

The Sealpac A range of tray sealers, are precisely designed to offer fully adjustable sealing parameters, to suit any material. They deliver total flexibility for your business and can be used with any application change by just replacing the sealing tool.

With one-button changeovers for quick and easy operation, our continuous product development ensures your Sealpac machines are ready for your future. Benefits include:

  • Fully adjustable sealing parameters to suit any material
  • Total flexibility for your business
  • Any application change by just replacing the sealing tool
  • Continuous product development, ensuring machines are ready for the future
  • One button changeovers for quick and easy operation.

The Any Material Application is used in the following sectors ..

Sealpac UK Bakery Icon Sealpac UK Confectionary Icon Sealpac UK Convenience Icon  Sealpac UK Dairy Icon Sealpac UK Meat Icon Sealpac UK Poultry Icon Sealpac UK Fish Icon Sealpac UK Ready Meals Icon Sealpac UK Pet Food Icon Sealpac UK Produce Icon

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