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Feature: X-Ray Inspection of Food30th Apr 2018

The Risk of doing nothing:

The impact of finding foreign objects in food is not only a clear and present danger to consumer health, but also a real and expensive threat to Brand reputation, potential loss of contract, and costly liability. The nature of such events dictates that they will attract maximum publicity of a negative nature, usually in the National Press. Such major adverse publicity can destroy brand reputations that may have taken generations to establish and consolidate, only to be potentially blown away in the blink of an eye.

It’s not all bad news though. Food processors are recognising that in a marketplace dominated by “Me too” products, a major differentiator can be a highly publicised focus on food quality and safety regimes. Employing stringent QC at various control points in the production line can therefore help customer retention, as well as opening up the market to a new breed of more knowledgeable clients with a greater concern for quality, safety, animal welfare and food traceability than ever before.

Generally speaking, the incentives can be more basic. Suppliers regularly find that leading retailers COPs dictate the kind of detection equipment that must be used, including X-ray inspection. With huge reputations on the line, it is in the major retailer’s interest to protect their reputation by ensuring no customer bites into a shard of glass, bone fragment or even metal wire from production equipment.

Sapphire and Sealpac UK: Inspection Solution Providers.

If you are involved in any aspects of quality control (Including HACCP) on food production lines, now is the time to investigate X-ray inspection technology for your application. The first step is to engage an inspection company with an established pedigree in X-ray inspection technology such as Sapphire, who have installed over 2000 inspection systems worldwide, and been at the forefront of x-ray technology for over 35 years.

Sapphire have recently teamed up with Sealpac UK combining Sealpacs knowledge of the food packaging industry with Sapphires world leading expertise and commitment to excellence in X-Ray technology. This alliance of excellence is already taking the industry by storm and providing effective, class-leading inspection solutions for major Food production companies committed to maintaining the quality and integrity of their brands.

In the first instance, Sealpac UK will discuss your requirements; samples of your product will then be assessed by the Sapphire team in conjunction with information regarding potential physical contaminants from your production environment. Due consideration will then be given to your defined inspection criteria and comprehensive testing will ensue to determine the finest inspection limits for your identified contaminant species.

Following extensive testing, Sapphire will produce a report on the nature and size of contaminants that it is possible to determine, and recommend the optimum solution for your particular application. In addition to this, they will also help determine at which point(s) it should be placed in the production line.

X-ray Inspection

It is noteworthy that X Ray inspection technology can also be harnessed for other criteria including:

  • Checking for missing/broken product
  • Seal integrity
  • Fill Levels
  • Mass measurement*

X-ray inspection is now recognised as being the most effective and fastest-growing area of product inspection worldwide, projected to escalate in the next 10 years and beyond. This represents an enormous opportunity for food manufacturers and processors alike to ensure that increasingly stringent, mandatory food safety standards are able to be met going forwards.

The momentum is unavoidable and there has never been a more opportune time to investigate the benefits of this increasingly effective and evolving technology than the present

Alan Hunter BSc (Hons)

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*Note – The mass measurement is not a legal weight in accordance with Trading Standard’s Weights and Measures, but it’s accurate!


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